Children Law 3

Now that I’ve had time to let things sink in I would like to thank Nicholas and his team Aoife, Chloe, I had the pleasure of meeting Sinead Kyle the barrister who who Nicholas kindly recommended for me that was due to represent me this Thursday in my Tribunal and as of yesterday the EA have conceded and will now move forward in issuing my daughter with her statement at long last.

It’s been a very long journey 6yrs fighting 5 appeals this would have been the 3rd tribunal 2 of which they conceded on we finally get my daughter the help she needs this process is the most mentally emotional stressful thing I’ve ever had to do but Nicholas’s team have been nothing but professional supportive encouraging and gave me the strength to keep fighting this broken system.

Our children deserve so much better and with this team on board they get that so thank you from me and Méadhbh think I’ve cried more today than I ever have # I WON “

High Court Proceedings against the Education Authority