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Our Practice Areas:

Our Mr Quinn, throughout the years, has gained detailed knowledge in the following areas of children’s law:

Special Educational Needs

We provide experienced special educational needs law advice and representation, to include advocacy before the SEN Tribunal. This is an area in which our Mr Quinn has a particular passion and knowledge of the law. The Education Authority have strict legal duties towards pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs. We help in the enforcement of those duties, either before the SEN Tribunal or the High Court. If you are trying to obtain a Statement of SEN for your child or have received a Statement but need expert advice on its lawfulness, and the enforcement of its provision, please contact our Mr Quinn.

Education Authority issues

If you are having issues with the Education Authority relating to your child’s educational/special educational needs please contact our office for advice. The Education Authority are required to provide education from admission to pre-school, getting transport to school, changing schools, to moving through primary and post-primary. They are also legally responsible for special educational needs provision. They have a range of other legal responsibilities towards children. If you need help please contact our office

School expulsion Law

We represent parents before the Schools Expulsion Appeals Tribunal and, if required, by way of Judicial Review, to challenge the lawfulness of expulsions of pupils with/without SEN/disabilities. If your child is expelled from school he/she has certain legal rights to education whilst they are out of school. The school must also notify the Education Authority of their decision to expel. They also have a right to challenge the expulsion decision. Please ask our Mr Quinn for specialist advice on your legal rights to challenge the expulsion. Certain time limits apply to such appeal rights.

Judicial Review Law

We are specialists in Judicial Review proceedings for children involving the Education Authority; Health Care Trusts; SEN Tribunal; Expulsion Appeals Tribunal and Schools on all areas in both education/SEN and children’s health care rights. Strict time limits apply to bringing such proceedings so time is of the essence.
Contact us for more advice in this specialist and complex area of law.

Health & Social Care Trusts

We represent parents, on behalf of children, against Health and Social Care Trusts. If your child is considered a ‘Child In Need’ or is disabled he/she is entitled to a detailed assessment of all their health and social care needs, and those of his/her family. This can result in a suite of supports and financial assistance for the family. It can also result in respite and practical assistance in the home for the family, to help them cope. If you would like advice on what may be available for your child and family, please contact our Mr Quinn

Suspension law

We represent clients in respect of decisions taken by Schools to suspend pupils with and without disabilities. Your child can only lawfully be excluded from school (for any period of time) by way of a suspension or expulsion. Anything other than this is an informal unlawful exclusion, unless you consent to that action. Our Mr Quinn is an expert in this area of law and can provide urgent school reinstatement advice if required.

Homeless Children

The Children (NI) Order 1995 provides both a power and duty on Health Care Trusts to accommodate homeless children, and children who are living in unsuitable accommodation. This can include children in custody with no bail address or lone children between 16-17 years old. A homeless child is automatically a ‘Child in Need’. As a result he/she may be able to insist on accommodation from the Health Care Trust. This is a complex area of law and will largely depend on the individual facts of the case. Our Mr Quinn has an expertise in homeless children cases so please contact him immediately for advice.

School based issues

If you are having issues with your child’s school of an educational/special educational needs nature please contact our office. This could include school discipline; providing the curriculum; reduced school hours; complaints to the Board of Governors; school bullying; special needs provision; disability discrimination or any other educational issues.

‘Out of School’ Children

If your child is out of school (either through suspension/expulsion; illness or otherwise) and not being home schooled by you, he/she has a legal right to demand either an immediate return to suitable full time education or, alternatively, education at home through home tuition for example. Generally speaking your child has a legal right of access to the full curriculum in both primary and secondary school. Reduced hours in school could be unlawful and, in some cases, a form of disability discrimination. Please contact our office if you would like your child returned to school

School Admissions Appeals Tribunal

If your child has not been admitted to your school of choice, you have certain legal rights to challenge this decision, to include an appeal direct to the School Admissions Appeal Tribunal. Time limits apply to such appeals, so contact our office immediately

Educational Negligence

Our Mr Quinn has taken a significant number of negligence actions against both Schools and the Education Authority arising from their failure to properly assess/diagnose and make provision for children’s educational needs. If you feel that the Education Authority and/or School have neglected to provide a proper education for your child he/she may have a Human Rights claim for a breach of their right to education under the European Convention on Human Rights. Certain time limits apply to such claims so contact our office immediately.

School SEN duties

Schools have legally enforceable duties to identify and provide for children with special educational needs. The Education (NI) Order 1996 and the related Code of Practice make it clear that a school must use its best endeavours to provide for a child’s special educational needs. This is especially important when a child does NOT have a Statement of SEN.

Bullying in schools

We provide representation on behalf of parents/pupils concerning bullying in schools. If you feel that your child is being bullied in school and not enough is being done to protect him/her please contact our office.

Disability Discrimination claims

This is a specialist area of law and certain time limits apply to claims to SENDIST. If you feel that your child’s school has failed in their duty to make reasonable adjustments for his/her disability in school, or have treated your child in a less favourable way in the manner in which they manage a disability, please contact our office.

Personal Injury

Our office also have significant experience in all types of personal injury claims for both children and adults.

We act in road traffic accidents, accidents at work or in public; medical negligence; professional negligence; slipping and tripping accidents. Please feel free to send us a query outlining your issues and we will gladly see if we can help.

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